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  • I'm going to a beautiful beach tomorrow. I can't wait. I'm leaving very early. No one's going with me because everyone decided 6 hours of roundtrip traveling was too much for just a trip to the beach. I think that's lame. 6 hours roundtrip is how long it takes to go to New York City for the day from where I live. I really want to go to the beach, anyways. So I'm just going to go. My first solo European adventure! Well, I mean, not exactly the first, but you know what I mean, I think.

  • I found a cute stationary store by my school. I love it and it's rather inexpensive. Most things were under 20E and there were cute little notebooks for 2.20E.

  • My absentee ballot arrived today, much to my elation. I sent it out today as well. I really really REALLY hate my senator, Rick Santorum. I want him gone. I voted straight ticket Democrat. Sometimes I feel irresponsible voting like that sometimes, but I'd rather puke every day for a month before I vote for a Republican.

    However, you can argue that Santorum's opposent, Bob Casey, is a conservative Democrat. I think this is why he has a chance at winning. I don't like that he's pro-life, but, at this point, I'll take anyone other than Santorum. I remember I didn't vote for Casey in the primary for Governor 2 years ago over the pro-life issue. Perhaps I'm a hypocrite. Or perhaps I am too rational.

    Anyway Life is good. The beach is exciting and I hope Rick Santorum winds up alone and on some farm in West Virginia
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