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I don't post that much anymore because the wireless internet I stole for a month now has a password.

Let's just say things are super here. I like it a lot. My classes are going swell. This weekend I plan on being lazy and the next 2 months are filled with marvelous Italian day trips. I ate ice cream twice yesterday, saw a really bad opera and wandered around. Maybe I just don't like opera.

This year is the 40th anniversary of the 1966 flood of Florence. The river floods disastrously every 100 years. In the past 500 years, there have been 54 floods in all. In the past 40 years, they haven't built new dikes or anything. They just accept the river will flood. It's odd to me, coming from an area that floods. It's nice to see natural disasters are the same everywhere.

In 1966, the National Library, which held precious original documents like Marco Polo's journal from his visit to China, was flooded. The most important books were the deepest down in the library and are still being restored today. Marco Polo's journals were never able to be fully restored and are lost forever.

My super cool art professor was only 23 when the flood happened here. He gave a presentation today (Friday the 13th) on the flood. He told stories of how he, his wife, and their 1 year old son stood on a trembling bridge newly built 20 years ago after the war. He took pictures and now he has a book coming on this month.

Anyway I still miss French fries. But Florence is nice anyway.
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