Feb. 2nd, 2006

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My life has become very technical lately. Filled with applications and some semi serious decision making. I have to decide if I want to transfer to Sarah Lawrence, which really doesn't depend on how much I like it but how much money they give me. I have to fill out applications for study abroad next semester, when I have to go if I stay at New School. I can't go my senior year so next semester is the only time I can go.

If I go to Sarah Lawrence, I can do an internship this summer. Maybe even with Clinton in the city or somewhere upstate. If Jill gets into Governor's School, I can take the car with me. That'd be nice. But if I stay at Lang, I have to work my ass off this summer to save up for Italy.

And then there's my major. I've already done so much in psychology that I should just finish the technical classes like statistics and methods. That and like one or two elective classes are all I have left to do. But should I be doing that just to do it? I might as well at this point. I should also double major with Social & Historical Inquiry. But I've only done 3 classes in that major (I should say "concentration" but fuck that, they're majors and New School just doesn't want to pay the money to full time teachers to fulfill state requirements for real majors). I mean, that's not all that horrible.

I wish I could just enjoy being here but there's so much to think of for the upcoming months! I mean, what if I get the Clinton internship? Then I can make connections if I ever want to work in the government. I already have that from Kanjorski. What I ought to do is intern for him again this summer, but just like once a week just to keep the connection.

Okay, I don't care. It's Thursday night (my night to just chill!) and I am going to the movies. Right now.


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