Feb. 20th, 2006

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What was supposed to be watching on episode of The OC while I ate dinner turned into a 3 hour marathon of the last 3 episodes of the season season. Now I know why I should never watch this show by myself. Because I cried my eyes out for at least five minutes for all 4 episodes.

In the last episode Mischa Barton is such a horrible actor in the last scene. She like bursts in the room while Ryan and Trey are fighting and immediately she says, "STOP IT, YOU'RE KILLING HIM!" When two guys are fighting, is it a natural inclination to say "You're killing him"? Okay, maybe it's just bad writing, but it's even worse acting because right after that line, she just starts crying. And Mischa is not a very good crier. It's not convincing at all.

And also, I love how Marissa never realizes when guys like her. She hangs out with every guy who takes a slight interest and then she's like, "What, you mean we hang out every day and you like me now? We're just friends!" It happens everyyyyyyyyyy season. First it was Oliver then Trey then Johnny. God, Marissa, give it a break.

The best criers in Hollywood:
Claire Danes (Think Romeo & Juliet and Igby Goes Down)
Christina Ricci (Think Now and Then and Prozac Nation)

Those are my top two. I only remember those two which counts for something.

I got all my work done for Monday and Tuesday and part of Wednesday. It's nice to be on top of things and now I can just have an easy week and work on conference work and a paper due next Friday. I'm so organized it's almost sad because organization = no social life. Thanks Sarah Lawrence!

Speaking of which, the lovely Ryann and Nikki are coming to see me in 2 short weeks! And then after that it's a gloriously long spring break from the 9-26. I don't know what I'll do with all that time. Probably go crazy and take some day trips and work a bit.

I ran on the treadmill today. I actually like it though I wish I had my bike and that it was warm enough outside to ride it. Unfortunately, neither of those things are true and I wish it would just get warm already so I can go back to practicing for the Tour de France. No, I kid. But really.

Okay time for bed because I have to get up in 5 hours. The OC sleeplessness strikes again!

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Nothing like waking up at 9:40 for a 9:00 class. I should probably refrain from OC marathons on school nights.


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