Mar. 5th, 2006

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Accidentally getting tangled up in computer cords and laptop falling on the floor = Not good.

it's happened before except this time I think my computer has filed for spousal abuse. I tried to watch The OC and it skipped, a lot and I know for a fact that it is not the disk.

This is sad. My only joy in life is watching TV and or movies on my computer. Perhaps I should get this fixed over break. Or I should just stop expecting my computer to be a TV/radio/entertainment system/word processor all in one.

It's like a bad boyfriend. I want him to do everything, but he just can't. He can't be my everything.

Okay, I really need a life.
And I'm glad my father knows me well enough to know that every electronic thing i have falls apart. That's why he got me a 4 year warranty.

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I'm torn! The Oscar's are on tonight. In my head, I am saying to myself that I could just watch the opening with Jon Stewart, but I know that I'll just be sucked in for the whole 3-4 hours and get no work done. I don't have a TV in my room so I would have to watch it where they have it showing on campus. I could bring my work, but who am I kidding? I wouldn't get it done because I'd be talking to everyone around me.

Hopefully they'll have the "Important" parts up on YourTube next week or something.


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