Mar. 6th, 2006

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The feminist group on campus showed the documentary The Education of Shelby Knox which is about this high school student's struggle to get a comprehensive sex education in her small Texas town, amongst other things. It was very good to say the least.

Anyway, it got me thinking about my own "sex education," if you can call it that. I left Crestwood, my public school, in 10th grade. This disculded me from public sex education because that was the year they taught it there. And at my new school, Hoban, a Catholic school, they taught it 9th grade.

So basically I "beat" the system and have no recollection of classroom sex education.

I do remember morality junior year but that was taught by a nun and was, well, yeah, Catholic. "Homosexuals are perverse." "Don't have sex until marriage" yada yada. Then this one time the geniuses paid a speaker to come and talk to us. All I remember is him asking for 5 volunteers. They each had to chew something up in their mouths, then take a gulp of fresh water and spit into a new cup. Well, needless to say that by the 5th person it was a disgusting mixture that no one wanted to drink.

Apparently this cup symbolized what happened when you "sleep around" because you not only sleep with the person but also everyone they've slept with. Of course, there's no way to protect yourself from this because, as always, condoms are not 100% effective. And you shouldn't be having sex before marriage anyway!

Needless to say most of my sex education was self taught. My parents never said anything sex outside a few awkward moments when I was 17 years-old and already knowledgeable. Most my information came from the internet and my own interest for myself and just in general.

I worry a lot though, especially with this new South Dakota law being passed today that outlaws abortion in every case unless life versus death. It worries me because I worry about my little sisters and what will they learn. I worry about my own sexual health and how a ban on abortion will effect young women. I worry about my country in general. I worry that before 2008 is out that abortion will be illegal. And I wonder what that says about America.

I am just worried lately in general. And I want to do so many things after I graduate to change this country. I want to make a difference but sometimes it just seems like there's a huge mountain in front of everything. This country says it's one thing--says it's about the separation of church and state and then is not. It's about the right to privacy. And then outlaws abortion. It is about the right to choice when we don't have any right at all.

I got into an argument with someone recently. He said the conservative judge appointments are the voters fault. I have to disagree with that on more than a structural level of the people simply do not vote for justices. Voters are so apathetic. Politicans twist issues every way possible. They hijack religions in the name of Republicanism and the New Right. They say "this groups of people will commit crime because they are on welfare." I'm so sick of the truth beign covered up by spin. Voters are apathetic because they've been told so many lies, been made so many promises which are not kept on either side.

I voted for a loser in 2004. I really hope it doesn't happen again in 2008. I hope this country turns around, but it's looking pretty bleak.


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