Mar. 21st, 2006

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There's a $350 Trek mountain bike out in my garage that I am "demo-ing" for a few days. I doubt I'll buy it. I took my bike into the shop to get a tune up. It's over 10 years old (or just about 10) and is just...not good anymore. I mean, it's rideable but I was talking to the guy about it. It needs a tune up, new brake cables, brake pads, tires, and eventually a new chain. He said it'll probably cost $100 to fix.

I know this sounds car-salesman like, but I came right out and asked him if he was just trying to sell me a new bike instead of fixing the old one. He said they make more money to fix old bikes than to sell new ones.

It seems kind of pointless to fix a bike that is just going downhill when I can get a new and better one from $230. Eh, it just seems like so much money. But if I'm going to spend half the cost of what it will cost to fix the old bike, I might as well buy a new one.

I like my old bike but I think its time is done.

Farewell purple Trek mountain bike! They said they would throw it in the dumpster for me even.

Fiona Apple's new video for Not About Love is one of the funniest videos i've seen in a long time.


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