Apr. 22nd, 2006

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Penguins hockey playoffs have started. From now until the end of the series, I will become a fiend for hockey. Well, maybe not a fiend, but, like a superfan.

But tonight I am sad.

The score is already 3-0 for Bridgeport, the first team we're playing in the series.
Last game was 2-0.

All Bridgeport has to do is win 4 games and we're done. They'll probably win the first 2. On our ice, no lest. Well.

This is sad.

My poor Penguins.
My poor Maxie and Carcillo and Sabourin.


Final score was

Still ugh.

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911 Loose Change 2nd Edition


The first 10 minutes of this documentary will have you pretty mad no matter what side of the political spectrum you're on. I've always been very suspicious of the Pentagon crash and whether or not a plane actually crashed there. If you watch, around 14 minutes they start talking about it.

These things are hard to talk about because so many people are still sensitive to the situation. But what people should be mad about is the lies the government has told. They should be mad thousands of people died because George W Bush wanted to get re-elected. Politics, even outside of this, make me sick sometimes. I don't know if I want to do it. Sometimes I want to change things but I wonder how possible it is without getting sucked in.

What kind of annoys me about these documentaries is what's not mentioned. For example, even I know why WTC 7, a building that fell at 5PM that day due to "debris from the WTC towers that collapsed." In the documentary they say the building had CIA, FBI, INS and Mayor Gulliani's offices. What they don't say is that there was gas underneath the building. Guilliani had it there because it was his bunker and who knows why he had it. Even *I* know that.

It's interesting what they say, there was a second explosion in WTC 2 after the plane crashed. They show many news footage clips of it. I wonder what it was. It could have been planted there by terrorists, I suspect, if I am to be a logical person. Also couldn't it have been a second explosion from the plane?

The stuff on Flight 93 is new to me. There was no bodies and the Somerset coroner says he never saw a drop of blood. There was no debris. And Flight 93 landed in Cleveland and then they covered it up. Oh my gah this is so confusing.

Another suspicious thing is that none of the 4 black boxes from any of the planes were "lost" when a passport from one of the hijackers found. hjdfskjlfhlsdgfslkjh!!!!!

And 9/19 of the hijackers are still alive.

My mind has become consumed with 9/11 and Muslim discrimination. Though I feel a bit crazy, it's nice to feel passionate about something.


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