Apr. 26th, 2006

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I'll write those 3 pages of my conference paper eventually!

Survey time! )

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So how about this: I asked Lyde what time drafts are due on Friday and she informed me that they're not due at all. That LAST Friday we could have handed up to 5 pages in. I reviewed 4 pages with her in conference Monday. So now it turns out that it's not due on Friday and I can go back to being a sane person because it's not due until NEXT Friday though I should get a significant amount done by Saturday. At least 10 pages total.

Well this is just a weight off my shoulders if I do say so (say that in a Southern accent, it's more witty that way).

It's a relief in that now I can focus all my useless energy on my economics paper which I hope isn't a bunch of crap. I'm going on page 9 and I fear I have nothing left to talk about. I think this paper is going to be a disaster because it already is.

Great, now I have free time to do all my other work!

Man, conference work makes me boring. I apologize. I'll work on writing more interesting essays entries in 16 days.

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This is depressing.

The Penguins are playing game 5 of the Calder Cup series. The feed won't work for Penguin's site so I have to listen to the team they're playing, Bridgeport, who just scored to tie it 2-2. It's just so disheartening to hear the announcer freak out over a Bridgeport goal.

And he's mean to the Penguins. And he's not as good as Tom Grace.
He's lame.


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