Apr. 27th, 2006

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I'm thinking about going to the April 29th March for Peace, Justice and Democracy in New York City. I'm debating it because I don't really think "protests" work. They're calling this one a "march" so I'm assuming that most of the animosity that goes along with the word "protest" is probably alliviated by "march."

The word "march" says, "We're mad, but we're not that mad, we just want you to listen and make some changes."

The word "protest" says, "Change it now, you bastard, before we do."

I don't know. I've been to a protest in New York City before in 2004, before the elections and when the RNC was holding their convention at Madison Square Garden. It felt meaningful back then, I'm not so sure how much it means to me now.

We watched this video today in economics about the collapse of Argentina when the president basically sold the country, all its factories and natural resources to the IMF and private firms. Eventually the workers took back some of the factories.

Anyway, I always get really depressed watching elections, even if they're just in movies, because it reminds me of Bush vs. Kerry in 2004. All the hope I had, all the hope that I no longer had afterwards.

I hope the midterm elections do something. Perhaps the Senate and House will become more equal in their numbers of Democrats and Republicans. Or I hope that the Democrats will pull ahead and maybe (big maybe) get the majority. Either way, I really hope that Rick Santorum isn't my Senator come November. Anyone who would vote for that guy is out of their mind.


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