May. 5th, 2006

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I have deadline disease. As in, I always truly believe my assignments are due way before they actually are. For example, my paper for Lyde's class was due any time today, but I thought it was due at 1. So when my printer decided to run out of in at 12:50 on page 4 of my paper, I was a bit scared. So I ran to the library and then was running down the hill to hand it in. I saw one of my classmates who looked at me like I was crazy and said, "Oh it's due any time today." Huh.

I got my passport photos today! It came out really good except my nose looks huge because I couldn't do my usual pose (yeah, I have a pose, I'll admit it, and any person with a big nose probably has a pose too!). So it was $14 for 6 2"x2" photos. Alright, whatever, I could've done them by myself but it would have been a pain and what if I got them wrong, etc, etc. It was from this little local photo place. Then we go to CVS. Passport photos: $7.99. At least I supported a local business (?). Ah well.

So that's my day. Anxiety attacks and good passport photos. Horray!

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OMG the OC of yore is back! it was so good, I cried, I gasped, I held my breath! I said out loud "OH NO!" This whole season has been crappy but finally, with ONE episode to go! they get it right. it was so good. Sorry, i just had to share. I couldn't keep it inside.


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