May. 8th, 2006

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Ugh I have so much work left to do for tomorrow. I think I probably won't get to sleep until 5 or 6 and I have class at 9:30. Maybe I won't go until 10. Ohmygosh is this irresponsible of me. This weekend did not go as planned.

Even if Brad Pitt asked me to make out with him right now, I would have to say no and go back to typing about the Civil War.

My computer keeps scaring me. Late last week it randomly told me that my power cord wasn't plugged in and neither was my internet though both were. The power cord is starting to go (this is my second one!) and only works when angled a certain way. My computer overheated an hour ago. I haven't even been abusive to it! I just have a lot of work to do. I'll have to give it a month long break when summer starts.

Next week at this time, I'll be back in PA. Sleeping in...well...not my bed, but a bed that is not a Sarah Lawrence bed. And having the first relaxing Sunday of my summer. PLEASE GET HER SOON AND DON'T LEAVE BEHIND MY SANITY!

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My oral exhibition went really well and I actually had fun despite rambling (which I seem prone to do in papers as well as questions for her class). It all made sense in the end (I hope). She said it went well. It was fun and I was myself and we joked and laughed and I guess staying up so late last night was worth it. I think I'm still hyper off caffeine because I feel hyper. I had 2 coffees, a Snapple, i think maybe 2 sodas last night. It was all worth it! What a good feeling when you don't completely fail at something.

Now all I have left to do is print my conference paper for 2 PM and write my final paper for Thursday. I already have 2 pages and maybe can get 8-10 done tonight and have it done between today and tomorrow. After economics I think I should probably take a nap. Maybe even till 8 PM and then work on psychology.

I'm overwhelmed but I'm enjoying it. I don't think I've ever felt this satisfied and had this much work to do.


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