May. 12th, 2006

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Headache as a result of a day in New York City--this always happens--and i feel like i am going to puke.

spent a lot of money but i bought a dress, tanktop, a pair of underwear, a purse and flip flops.

went to see the play Guardians,
which starred Kate Moennig (Shane, from the L Word).

she was hideously ugly to go along with the part.
but afterwards i stuck around and she signed my program
with my own pen!
which I will now always refer to as my Shane Pen.

I said, "You have great shoes!"
She looked down and said "aw, thank you."

She was with this absolutely drop dead gorgeous (but very made up)
Latino-looking woman (Carmen rubbing off much, Kate?)

she was in a rush and i hate talking to celebrities.
even if it's just for a minute.
the character she played had a Southern-ish accent so when i talked to her I was like "SHANE'S VOICE!!!" and she was even dressed like Shane.

the play wasn't very good. it was setup at 2 characters
telling their story with no interaction with each other
and monologues are only engaging for so long.

i wouldn't recommend it but it was alright i guess.

there was these annoying girls from slc on the train coming back. They were all like "Sienna Miller is a Kate Moss knock off" and they talked about how they were going to throw away their sheets instead of washing them. ANd even throwing a laptop away becaus eit didn't work.

not sad to leave here.


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