Sep. 10th, 2006

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  • Italian man on bike asked me where I was from and if I wanted him to ride me around on his bike. No, Elvis, thanks.

  • People don't wear short shorts here or skirts. But a lot of Italian woman wear shear shirts with their bras showing.

  • My Italian is very broken. I basically say, "I go walk. Goodbye."

  • I need to get a cell phone.

  • It's hot, but not humid hot. Like the kind of hot it feels like when you have a fevor. Like really dry hot.

  • Facebook makes stalking too easy now. I deleted mine over that alone.

  • Oh yeah, Italy is GORGEOUS. I've been 8 different places over that past 5 days. Small mideval towns with only 50 inhabitants, I've been on hikes. I'm back in Florence. It's gorgeous though kind of abandoned on Sunday afternoon.

  • My host family seems cool. A husband (31) and wife (29) and a son (7) along with another exchange student from Middlebury. They are nice. My room is awesome. I fell down their marble steps though. That was embarassing. "Va bene, va bene!"

  • Soda costs about $2.50 here. Sad. Water costs only $.70. That's nice. Dont' drink cappucino after 10AM. Don't eat bread before the second/main course. Meals are long. Talking is key.

  • I've taken a lot of pictures but it'll probably be awhile before I upload them. I have the internet only at the cafe. Lights and electicity are expensive here. The Italians freak out if you touch their washer or stove. Benedina told me not to wash my dishes, just leave them in the sink. I think I can live with that.
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