Feb. 16th, 2006

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This weekend I am determined to be productive! I really have to work on all my conference papers because I feel like I really haven't as of yet. I have a lotta homework.

I'm in a mood where I don't want to go anywhere. There's this Lost Boys of Sudan thing in a half hour. I should go but I just don't want to leave my room. I probably will though.

Today was a slack off day. I hope next week isn't as bad as this week was, academically at least.

I rearranged my room. Over spring break, I want to get a chair to bring back as well as my bike and a TV so I can watch the OC without downloading it.

I'm working on this paper for my Language and Culture in Development class and I want to examine in depth the Pennsylvania education system and see what should be changed and what legislation needs to be enacted. My question to you guys back home is:

Does anyone know (Calista? perhaps?) teachers who teach in the Wilkes-Barre public schools?

I've got the Crestwood public schools, but I feel like that's so white middle class. Not to say Wilkes-Barre isn't mostly white and middle class, but there's a bit more diversity. And God know there's like one black kid at Hoban, probably. Anyway, lemme know and then hook me up with a way to get in touch with them.


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