Apr. 20th, 2006

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I went shopping today to kick off the conference work weekend. I thought I deserved something before the insanity starts (has yet to start but in about 5 minutes it will!). Anyway I bought the cutest bikini ever at TJ Maxx. It's gorgeous and looks really hot but I know it'll be impractical once it comes time to actually swim in it. I do this every year--I buy the bikinis that you can just sit in the sun in but not actually swim in. Whatever. At least I'll look good when I'm not swimming.

It's mainly black with some yellow and blue and it has buttons! Buttons! How cute it that? Too cute if you ask me. I'll have to take a picture of it later so you can all bask in its cuteness. I hope I get to wear it a lot.

Anyway, I got flip flops too. And I am the most unruly bank customer ever. I was being charged money on my Bank of America checking account because I never made a direct deposit to it--what the fuck I ask myself. Anyway, the teller tells me this and I just go, "That's stupid." And she just stares at me, obviously not the response she wanted. So then I ask her if there's anyway to get out of paying the $11 fee. She says if I go back to the branch I opened it at. I say, "Yeah, I'm not doing that."

One time at the library they told me I had like a $15 fine and I just said, "I'm not paying that." I am a little brat.

I really should start my papers now. I'm still holding onto the wishful notion that there will be an article out there somewhere that will allow me to write about how the socioeconomic status of Muslims in American makes them feel more vulnerable in the legal system. But, alas, no such thing yet exists. Maybe I'll write it myself. Or maybe I'll just write about the same issue with African Americans.

Here's to hoping.


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