Jun. 5th, 2006

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I've told five people this story today just because it's so funny and I can't believe how stupid I am. It goes a little something like this:

Heather, Nikki, Molly and I went to see The Breakup this evening and went out to eat afterwards. The arena is near the restaurant we went to and this past week the Ringling Brother's Circus was performing there. Today was apparently the last day so as we were eating, the elephants just started walking down the road since it was over and that's like their grand public finale. Kind of like, "Here you poor people who didn't want to shell out money, you can see the elephants now."

Anyway, it was pretty depressing but still kind of cool to see the elephants. So I ran to the window like a kid and when I got back to the table,

One of the girls said something like: Isn't that horrible how they make them walk to the next location?

Me: Really?! That's horrible! That's terrible, they walk all the way there?

Nikki: Yeah, they're making them walk to Jersey.

Molly: Geeze, Court, you think they have an elephant truck? Elephants can't fit in trucks

Me: Do they walk on the highway? Why don't they just get on by the arena and go that way.

Heather: Well they take the turnpike and just block off a lane.

Me: But what if a car hits them?

Molly: Then they lose an elephant.

NEWSFLASH TO ME: ELEPHANTS DON'T WALK ON THE HIGHWAY TO THE NEXT LOCATION. They were talking back to the trains downtown. I totally believed them for 15 minutes. It was pretty funny.


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