Sep. 2nd, 2006

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Tonight at 8 PM my dad was driving my mom, me, my 3 sisters and brother-in-law home from dinner downtown. The road we have to drive on to get to our house is a highway that goes up a mountain. It's pretty busy all day, dark with maybe one street light. So we're driving south to our house and all of a sudden we see these headlights flying toward us in the right lane.

My mom yells, "Oh my god, Joe!"

My dad beeps the horn, the SUV swerves into the left lane then swerves back, hits the car in the lane next to us which swerved right. It looked completely unreal but very deliberate. There was this huge crash sound that sounds like it's out of a movie.

So like we're all freaking out, I call 911 along with everyone else on 309. No one got out of any of the cars. The SUV looks like it's flipped. The other car is against the guard rail. So my dad gets out and so eventually do the people in the car that got hit.

Turns out the guy going the wrong way was very drunk. That makes sense because where we figure he turned on the road was pretty far up. Too far to not realize you weren't driving the right way. And the driver of the other car said the drunken man was hitting the guard rail the whole way down.

In some situations I think, "That could've been me," but this time it really could have been us who got hit. And I guess it's kind of lucky the car got hit on the side instead of head on. It's still really scary and I'm glad my dad was the one driving.

By the way, this is my last weekend home for 4 months. Good to go out with a bang, right?


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